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Chris Zaino

Everybody is born with seeds of greatness and capable of heroic things if given the chance. That each person has the noble qualities inherent in them to drastically shift themselves and their work. I seek to unlock this in each man, woman, and child I reach. Rather than let people silently grieve their potential, I exist to wake up the hero that we know is hidden within each of us. 

My message is set to reach hundreds of thousands this year via his social media platforms and allow those sleepwalking through life to awaken. In doing so, each one becomes a Hero to carry the message into their own personal world and in turn, will spread into the world at large. 
"...everybody is born with seeds of greatness and capable of heroic things."
Embrace the Hero Mindset and 
Embrace Your Superpowers
You superpowers are your talents and unique gifts. Self-awareness is so key, to be true to your strengths and that you are really good at..and play to that strength, and go all in 100%. What is it you do, that you would do for free, and when you do it, you forget to eat, and have more energy when you are done? 

One of the purposes of the hero is to discover their gifts and unique talents (superpowers). The work of HERO is to develop it and focus it. The meaning of the Hero’s life is to give your gift away in abundance for the benefit of others!

Heroes motivation:  Many times it is not from something they love but is born from something they see as unjust and hate!  Sometimes anger is the energy needed to take the first step. Anger and being pissed fades, but the pull for something more stays and eats at you.

Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice.

Know your superpowers, feed it, develop it, and take it to the world.  
Choose Your Vehicle of Influence
Every Hero has a vehicle: jet, Batmobile, or flight. They use that vehicle to spread justice and ultimately their message. 

Find your vehicle to get your message out.
  •  Video - Videos, Facebook Live, Vlogs
  •  Written - Books, Ebooks, Blogs, Letters, Email
  •  Audio - Radio, Podcasts
  •  Speaking - 1-to-1 or 1-to-Many
So, what is your vehicle of influence?

Every Super Hero had to learn to harness their superpowers and to deliver it in its most beneficial, efficient manner to help others.
Why This Changes Everything
The Hero Formula is very simple:

You - The Secret Identity + Remembering Your Gifts and Talents + Finding Your Vehicle of Influence = Hero

I've used this formula my entire life. It's helped me achieve the successes that I have today and will continue to be the reason I leave a rich legacy.

We've grown up being told how to think and what to do. We were told that we needed to attend 17+ years of school minimum to then have a job that we hate all so that we can do what we love to do when we're 65. 


These concepts aren't difficult to understand or implement, all it takes is remembering that YOU ARE THE HERO, embracing your superpowers and giving it abundantly to the world all while surrounding yourself with people who do exactly the same. 
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